5.1.2022 Mayor’s Message

Hello Folks,

  • This has been a long week for so many people preparing our city to make this flood a non-issue for most citizens.  The flood is far-reaching however as rural residents along the river have suffered damages and losses we have been spared.
  • Once our dikes and permanent flood protection (PFP) were in place there were a few days of lower stress.  Then more rain came and we were inundated with water on the “dry side” of the dikes requiring pumping said water over the dike.  Volumes of water came quickly and while using all our pumps, they couldn’t keep up.  Our team was able to secure pumps from around the area extending from Bismarck to Fargo to Orwell Dam in order to catch up.  Great job team.
  • We are very Blessed having talented people on our team and city staff providing timely preparation averting flooding.  Another part of the team is our City Engineers providing history, technical information and guidance.  Comprising a third leg of our team is the Corps of Engineers (USACE).  There are Hydraulic Specialists from Valley City, Grand Forks area, St. Paul and Mississippi.  We had special visits from Major General Diana Holland from Mississippi and Colonel Karl Jansen from St. Paul. 
  • Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney arranged for us to get filled sandbags and even visited to see how we were doing.
  • THANK YOU to all you who have been volunteering.  Whether you placed sandbags, answered phones, installed walls or food and drink.
  • With all that has happened and what could have happened, we have been Blessed.
  • This spring’s “clean-up week” will be June 6-11. Please check the City Website and Facebook Page for details.
  • Thank you to contributors again this week.
  • “A flower doesn’t compare itself to the flower next to it; it just blooms                  (Anonymous)                                                                                                                         Blessings, Respect, Kindness and Prayers,


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