To report an issue with a water main, sanitary sewer, street or to establish service

Contact Public Works at (701) 845-0380


We are asking all users of the city’s sewer system to follow one rule: “if it ain’t toilet paper, don’t flush it.”

By following this simple rule, we can all save money and limit the inconvenience of putting up with a sewer system that does not work.


  • Cooking grease solidifies and causes blockage within both residential and city sewer lines.
  • Wipes, toilet bowl scrubbers collect in the City’s wet well and must be removed. These items don’t just flow to the lagoons.

Sewer Backup

To report a sewer backup, contact Public Works at (701) 845-0380.

If there is sewer backup into your premise, it does not mean the City is liable for any resultant damage or cleanup costs. In fact, in most instances of a sewer backup, there is no liability on the part of the City.

Contact your insurance agent to request an endorsement to your homeowner or business insurance that provides for cleanup costs and damage to your premises or personal property caused by a sewer backup. This will ensure funds are available in the instance of sewer backup for you to cleanup and repair any damage.

Construction Updates

The following construction updates are posted on the City Engineer page:

  • Permanent Flood Protection
  • Paving Improvement Projects
  • Sanitary Sewer Improvement Projects
  • Storm Sewer Improvement Projects