3.8.2021 Mayor’s Message

Hi Everybody,

  • Following the 2 weeks of really cold weather; isn’t it nice having our current weather?  Remember, fresh air and sunshine are things that can help us achieve good attitudes for each of us so take advantage of them.
  • Did you know that 7:00 AM, noon and 5:30 PM are the times we have our greatest demands for electricity?  The 7:00 AM demand lasts about 2.5 hours while the noon and 5:30 demands are about an hour-and-a-half each.  When a demand spike is too high, our cost of electricity is higher.  You can help ease demand by running washers, dryers and dishwashers at other times.  Perhaps try running the dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer over night.  Every little bit helps, thank you. 
  • RIGHT OF WAY.  When vehicles arrive at uncontrolled intersection, we are to “YIELD” TO THE RIGHT, thus “Right of Way”.  Pedestrians have “Right of Way” at intersections and crosswalks.  “Being courteous is contagious, catch it.”
  • Recently there have been drivers who have been driving over the speed limit and some instances where drivers within the speed limit, were driving too fast for conditions. If it is slippery 25 MPH may be too fast.  If in the area of schools or other gatherings of people, 15 MHP could be too fast.  If there is an uncontrolled intersection, don’t feel you can drive through and be safe at 25 MPH.  Let’s all be defensive drivers and help keep each other safe. 
  • THE NORTH DAKOTA WINTER SHOW will be March 10-14.  Get your event tickets now.  FREE ENTRANCE to the building.
  •  “LOVE OF LOCAL”.  Buy Chamber Bucks in the Rosebud Center or City Hall at a discount and redeem them in Valley City businesses at full face value. Each person can purchase up to $1,000.00 worth (including prior purchases).
  • COVID VACCINATIONS, visit the City-County Health District website, citycountyhealth.org or call 845-8518.                                                       
  • “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”      (Mother Teresa)                                                    

Blessings, Be Kind, Be Safe and Pray


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