3.1.2021 Mayor’s Message

Hello Folks,

  • THE NORTH DAKOTA WINTER SHOW will be March 10-14.  Get your event tickets now.  FREE ENTRANCE to the building.
  • A note from “the power outage” we incurred here awhile back.  There were a number of events creating the outage from supplementary power sources to timely notifications and they are being researched through the federal level.  Though it was a “perfect storm”, knowledge gained from this experience will help going forward.  “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.
  • Missouri River Energy Services, our supplier, successfully hedged the market purchasing energy and fuel prior to the weather event.  Those purchases will help stabilize our current rates.
  • We had good ice on the river a few days ago, though now runoff has caused substantial amounts of water on top and changes in currents may have caused thinning ice in places.  Please be careful.  ICE always has a “degree of danger”!
  • For no particular reason, be nice to someone today.
  •  “LOVE OF LOCAL”.  Buy Chamber Bucks in the Rosebud Center or City Hall at a discount and redeem them in Valley City businesses at full face value. Each person can purchase up to $1,000.00 worth (including prior purchases).
  • COVID VACCINATIONS, visit the City-County Health District website, citycountyhealth.org or call 845-8518.                            
  • “We must be interested in finding the best way, not in having our own.”      (John Wooden)                                                    

Blessings, Pray, Be Safe and Be Kind,


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