2.21.2021 Mayor’s Message

Hi Everybody,

  • Mentioning weather this week is really refreshing.  With warmer temperatures and the forecast being positive, it is really a treat in my mind anyway.  The other day I drove to Glen Ullin and it was so-o-o relaxing.  For a mental health boost, get out and walk, drive, bike or just take some deep cleansing breaths. 
  •  The Valley City Mask Mandate ended last Tuesday.  That you folks have done such a good job with the three mitigations, our numbers are low and it was determined we should have a break from the “mandate”.  The mandate is gone for now, but that doesn’t change the need for masking, social distancing and good hygiene.  If we have a spike in numbers or are over run by one of the “variants” we may need to reinstate a mandate.  Please mask-up, especially if you are speaking, when you cannot social distance.
  • Hey, wave to someone you don’t know.
  • My wife and I walk regularly and enjoy the beauty of our community.  A couple things with which your help would be appreciated are stop “littering” and “pick up” after pets.  We are seeing more trash on our streets and dog poop on sidewalks and yards.  Please maintain our community’s beauty.
  • The Southwest Power Pool was placed on an Energy Emergency Alert.  That, to make a long story short, led to our power outage February 16th.  Normally there is time to alert areas to be affected, but with the extreme weather conditions, we were not given preparation time.  Certainly we were disappointed though information now indicates the whole grid could have failed if action were delayed, so what we had was a better case scenario.
  •  “LOVE OF LOCAL”.  Remember to buy Chamber Bucks in the Rosebud Center . IT’S A GOOD DEAL!!
  • COVID VACCINATIONS, visit the City-County Health District website, citycountyhealth.org or call 845-8518.
  • “When I was born I was so surprised, I didn’t talk for a year-and-a half.”      (Gracie Allen)                                                    

Blessings, Pray, Be Safe and Be Kind,


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