Interested in Joining the VCFD?

The first step to admission to the fire department is to fill out the VCFD Application.

Once per year the fire department will review applications. A committee will then interview the applicants and choose those who appear to be qualified and willing to continue the process.

The candidate will need a doctors physical and drug test, along with a state criminal background check. If candidate passes the medical exam along with background, check he or she will be allowed to take the physical agility test as prescribed by the department.

As the candidate has passed all the requirements set forth, the chief will fill open spots on the roster with the most qualified applicants.

The candidate will begin the training to become a certified firefighter. Upon completion of all the requirements for a certified firefighter they will be presented with their certificate. The probationary member will be voted on after one year which is a vote of the full department membership. If there is a successful vote, the probationary candidate will become a full member. If the probationary member has not passed the firefighter 1 certification in the first year they will remain on probation. They will be voted on as soon as they pass the firefighter 1 certification.

If the probationary member cannot pass the firefighter 1 certification within 2 years, they will be dismissed from the department.

Please submit the VCFD Application by October 1 to:

Fire Chief
Phone: (701) 845-3351

or by mail to:

Fire Chief
Valley City Fire Department
241 3rd Avenue NE
Valley City, ND 58072

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