1.15.2024 Mayor’s Message



  • Hi Everyone,
  • In 1983 President Ronald Reagan signed the bill recognizing Martin Luther King’s birthday as a national holiday and is recognized on January 15th this year.  King was a champion of the peaceful Civil Rights Movement.
  • A friend writes weekly column “Friday Sports Wrap”.  Last week one of the topics referred to “older officials” who are still working.  Last week he (68) worked a game with two others who are 54 & 78 years of age.  Thank you to you guys for continuing your investment in our youth, they are fortunate having you.  The other side of this noble work is, there is room for new people in officiating all sports, pick your favorite(s).  There are programs and veteran officials who will help you become proficient.  Officiating is like playing and coaching, the challenge is “to be as good as you can be”.  Talk with someone who officiates to find out what it is like ….. ALL officials love to talk officiating as the relationships derived are fantastic.  Contact the North Dakota High School Activities Association, the South Dakota High School Activities Association or the Minnesota State High School League for information.  Please think about it, thank you.
  • *Remember, for your branches from the ice storm to be picked up, they are to be on your boulevard. 
  • Last week Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) held its board meeting in Sioux Falls where there was over a foot of snow in many places around town!  It was a bit of a mess.  MRES is continually working with legislators to ensure generation of more green energy while maintaining base loads to protect from polar vortex and extreme heat events.  By the way, our power mix in Valley City is 89% carbon free.
  • Thanks to all who provide and proof material for this article.                    
  • To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.”          ~ Rabbi Terry Bookman                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                       Blessings, Pray, be Grateful and Respectful,


Dave Carlsrud

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