12.12.2023 Planning & Zoning Minutes



Chair Mike Schell presided and called the meeting to order at 4:00 on Tuesday December 12th, 2023.

Commissioners present: Jim Wright, Bill Carlblom, Jeff Erickson, Dave Carlsrud, Tim Durheim

Others: City Administrator Gwen Crawford, City Attorney Carl Martineck, City Assessor/Acting Secretary Tina Current, Building Inspector/Asst Fire Chief Lance Coit, City Planner Joel Quanbeck, City Engineer Chad Petersen, Jim Nelson, Casey Stoudt,

Commissioner Bill Carlblom moved to approve the minutes from the November 16th, 2023, meeting, seconded by Commissioner Jim Wright. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

Building Inspector Report

Building Inspector/Asst Fire Chief Lance Coit report there has only been one new permit in the last month and Building Inspector Mike Blevins has not had any new permits in the last month.

Public Hearing regarding a variance. To allow placement of electrical control boxes for EV car charger within 30-foot area where restrictions apply to protect corner visibility.  

Chair Mike Schell opened the public hearing. Jim Nelson from Stoudt – Miller spoke about the installation of the EV car charger. He worked with Marshall Senf from the City of Valley City and Grotberg Electric. The City does not have a permitting process for these charges and the charger was placed wrong.  Jim Nelson explained how this was a very expensive charger. He said there is a need for these chargers with the motels next to the charger.

Commissioner Bill Carlblom made a motion to close the public hearing, seconded by Commissioner Jim Wright.

Internal discussion was had. Bill Carlblom commented how the road where the charger is located is not a high traffic road. Commissioner Tim Durheim agreed the road is not busy. City Administrator Crawford commented The City of Valley City will put a permitting process in place for commercial EV car chargers.

City Planner Joel Quanbeck reported his findings. Joel’s recommendation was to deny the variance. He commented his findings show it does not me the criteria for a variance.

City Attorney required the board to have findings on why the board was deviating from City Planner Joel Quanbeck’s recommendation. The boards findings are the following.

  1. The Road is a low traffic area
  2. There was no permitting process in place by the City of Valley City
  3. The charger will benefit the City of Valley City

Commissioner Carlblom made a motion to approve the variance, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. An encroachment agreement is signed between The City of Valley City and Stoudt – Miller INC
  2. A stop sign is added

Seconded by Commissioner Tim Durheim. Followed by a roll call vote. Roll Call: Durheim – aye: Wright – aye: Carlsrud – aye: Carlblom – aye: Erickson – nay        Schell – aye Motion carried.


With no other items to discuss, Chair Schell called the meeting to close at 4:21pm.

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