Hi Folks,

  • We had a tough water event during a planned shutdown last Tuesday resulting in some line breaks.  Thank you to our City Employees, contractors and engineers for minimizing the inconvenience; you all did a great job.
  • Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) is a group of Public Power Municipalities of which Valley City is a member.  The favorable electricity rates we have are determined by MRES efficiently managing the energy purchases of hydropower, wind, solar, nuclear, diesel, natural gas, coal and the market.  In addition to favorable rates, Valley City’s power supply is approximately 82% carbon-free.
  • There were a number of Yard Sales again this weekend.  Having them around town is nice as they are partly outside and people can socialize safely if they choose.  Reminder; will you please pick up you sale signs
  • We continue increasing our COVID-19 positive tests. Be careful; PLEASE TRY, lets get back to “GREEN”.
  • There are many workshops and conferences having to do with “Leadership” and most everyone has some leadership talents.  Please think about exercising your talent in schools, churches, service clubs, your city and county as all have opportunities to “give back”.  Run for office.
  • * Census 2020 ends the 30th! Please be counted.
  • God will mend a broken heart if you give him all the pieces.”  (Aesop)

     Blessings, Pray and Be Safe,



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