06/26/2018 Special City Commission Minutes

Valley City Special Commission Proceedings
June 26, 2018
5:00 PM Meeting, City Hall

President Carlsrud presided and continued with roll call at 5:00 PM.

Members present: Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Powell, Commissioner Erickson.

Others Present: City Administrator Schelkoph, City Auditor Richter, City Attorney Mertins, Building/Fire Inspector Andersen, Police Chief Hatcher, Chad Petersen from KLJ.

New Business

Receive the Barnes County Official Canvassed Abstract and the Certificate of Election from the Primary Election held on June 12, 2018

City Auditor Richter reviewed the results from the June 18, 2018 Barnes County Canvassing Board meeting.


2018 Primary Election- Canvassed Results
State of North Dakota Results Downloaded at 6/19/2018 9:40:18 AM
Mayor – Valley City Dave  Carlsrud write-in
1105 352
Write-In Votes
Matt  Pederson 3
Alan  Adams 1 # votes %
Jordyn  Heck 1 Dave Carlsrud 1105 82%
Donald  Bauer 1 Bob Drake 239 18%
Lloyd  Nelson 2 Total 1344
Duane  Magnuson 3
Trent  Moritz 1
Herb  Carneal 1
Bob  Drake 239
Ken  Reid 1
Jim  Jensen 1
Gary  Schlagel 1
Scattered (non Qualified) 97
Commissioner – Valley City Jeffrey  Erickson Duane  Magnuson Corey  Neseth write-in
683 944 642 397
Write-In Votes
Ken  Reid 14
Lloyd  Nelson 3
David  Kline 1
Bob  Drake 18
Dean  Pederson 1
Ben   Kjelland 1
Gary  Schlagel 2
Jack  Moritz 1
Leon  Pytlik 1
George  Dutton 2
Jeff  Edwards 1
Lilie  Schoenack 1
Matt  Pedersen 351
Park Board Member – Valley City Park Michael  Lentz William  Murray Susan  Kringlie Jenni Lou Russi write-in
859 992 1089 685 215
Results provided by the Office of North Dakota Secretary of State


Appoint and approve Vice President to Valley City Commission

Commissioner Bishop moved to appoint Commissioner Magnuson as Vice President, seconded by Commissioner Powell.  The motion passed unanimously.

Approve reorganization of Commissioners’ Portfolios

  1. Finance – Commissioner Powell
  2. PW Streets, Sanitation & Sewer, Water Distribution – Commissioner Erickson
  3. PW Electric & Water Treatment Plant – President Carlsrud
  4. Police & Fire – Commissioner Bishop
  5. Building & Grounds – Commissioner Magnuson

Commissioner Powell moved to approve the reorganization of Commissioners’ Portfolios, seconded by Commissioner Magnuson. The motion passed unanimously.

Appoint and approve Commissioner Assignments to additional committees and boards

Commissioner Bishop is willing to serve as a liaison to the VC-BC Development Corporation and requested a replacement for the Planning & Zoning Commissions.  Commissioner Erickson is willing to serve on the Valley City Planning & Zoning Commission and the Barnes County Planning & Zoning Commission.

Commissioner Magnuson moved to appoint Commissioner Erickson to the Valley City Planning & Zoning Commission and the Barnes County Planning & Zoning Commissions, seconded by Commissioner Powell. The motion passed unanimously.

Newly Elected Officials Orientation

Emma Tufte stated the North Dakota League of Cities (NDLC) Annual Conference is September 15 – 18, 2018. President Carlsrud reminded Commissioners of the NDLC Newly Elected Officials training on July 10, 2018.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:09 PM.

Dave Carlsrud, President of the
City of Valley City Commission

Attested to by:
Avis Richter, City Auditor
City of Valley City

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